October 19, 2009

Rudy Giuliani Campaigns for Bloomberg; Scares the Bejeezits Out of Everyone; Leaves NYC with a Collective Skid Mark in its Shorts

Rudy Giuliani was in town stumping for Bloomberg, scaring the Jews, fanning racial tensions...the usual. I have to feel that for each Republican vote Giuliani produces for Bloomberg, five Democrats will run the the polling booth in horror at the slightest hint of the return of Rudy Giuliani (how about a year of Bloomberg using his bully pulpit to get Giuliani elected governor). Any Democrat who votes for Bloomberg will be enabling Giuliani's bid for governor. REPEAT: ANY DEMOCRAT WHO VOTES FOR BLOOMBERG WILL BE ENABLING GIULIANI'S BID FOR GOVERNOR.

But if Giuliani is right, then this video is a good representation of what we can expect in post-Bloomberg New York City.

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