October 26, 2009

Bloomberg Concerned About Democracy Because of Low Turnout in the Democratic Primary; Officially Vaults from "Asshole" Status to "Roaring Asshole"

Of all the disingenuous things Bloomberg has uttered during this campaign, this might be the worst. He actually had the balls to bemoan the state of democracy in New York City because of the record low turnout during the democratic mayoral primary in September:

"It's sad, there are young men and women for 235 years who have been fighting and dying so that we have the right to vote, and yet you saw in the Democratic primary, especially in the runoff a very low turnout."

What a dick. A major component of his campaign strategy was to use his power and billions to scare away democratic challengers with a goal of keeping the voters uninterested, and ensuring low turnout. This is what a lying sack of shit our mayor has become. If he hadn't extended term limits the democratic primary would have been a blast with four or five legitimate contenders and strong voter turnout. Instead, we had our democracy turned inside out and stunted by a despotic, sleazy bully.
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