September 25, 2009

Bloomberg Can't Take Helicopter to See U2 in Concert. Has to Take Car to Get Bono's Endorsement. Why Should We Give a Rat's Ass?

It is estimated that the average man speaks 2,000 words a day; a finite number that diminishes as we get older. Wrap your head around the eighteen inane words that Stu Loeser, Mayor Bloomberg's spokesman, wasted today:

"Like 80,000 other people, Mayor Bloomberg went to the U2 concert tonight - but he did not fly there."

You'll never get those back, Stu.

I guess this illustrates that when our regular-guy billionaire mayor's helicopter pilot screws the pooch on the way to get an Irish rock star's endorsement at a concert in New Jersey, and forces the mayor to take his luxury SUV with a police escort, that this humanizes the mayor and makes him seem just like us.

And Bono. Hugo Chavez may be a philanthropist, but he is still a despot. If you care to take a peak out of your helicopter for a minute or two we could give you the real story on the benevolent despot you pandered to last night.
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