September 17, 2009

Bloomberg Campaign Ads Take Over Politicker NY; Looks Like Azi Paybarah Isn't a Disgrace Anymore

In discussing the effects of term limits on the recent primary results, Mayor Bloomberg cited an article from Azi Paybarah weighing term limits vs local issues as factors in the races of defeated city council members:

“In every case there was a real local issue. I think Azi wrote about that today. But I think that’s fair. Tip O’Neill said all politics is local. And these things where we say, ‘Oh, it’s the mood of the country, I’m not going to vote for that party and that sort of thing.’ History shows you vote for the person.”

Now just a few months ago Bloomberg called Azi a disgrace just for asking a question about term limits. Now he's his source for post-primary term limits analysis? And that's when I saw the big, square banner ad on for "MIKE BLOOMBERG NYC," and another below it, and it started to make sense. You can't click on a page on the site without two Bloomberg campaign ads prominently displayed.

I'm guessing the Bloomberg campaign has these spots reserved on the Politicker NY home page until November, which must make him one of their biggest advertisers, and that makes them less credible and another in a long line of those who were bought off by Mike Bloomberg's millions. At this rate Azi could end up being Bloomberg's press secretary by the time the third term starts.
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