October 1, 2009

Bloomberg's Net Worth has Tripled Since the 2005 Election. Who Wouldn't Lie and Cheat to Keep a Job Like That?

Forbes released their 2009 list of the 400 Richest Americans, and Mayor Bloomberg finds himself at #7 with a net worth of 17.5 billion dollars. Now I don't begrudge Bloomberg one penny of his fortune. I do, however, resent him for lying to the people of New York when he said that the economic crisis was the reason for pressuring the city council to extend a third term. The real reason was that Bloomberg found a real money maker in being Mayor of New York, and the only economic crisis he cares about is the one affecting his own portfolio.

According to Forbes, here is Bloomberg's net worth since running for mayor in 2001:

2009 - $17.5B
2008 - $20.0B
2007 - $11.5B
2006 - $5.3B
2005 - $5.1B
2004 - $5.0B
2003 - $4.9B
2002 - $4.8B
2001 - $4.0B
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