October 9, 2009

Bloomberg Campaign Picks Up Endorsements from Australian Tennis Legend Roy Emerson, Utah Jazz Forward Matt Harpring, and a Romanian Mayor

Mayor Bloomberg's campaign team announced three more endorsements today, getting them closer to their unofficial goal of 20,000 endorsements by election day. Though some have questioned the relevancy of obscure out-of-town endorsements, the Bloomberg campaign defended these recent additions as proof that the mayor's appeal crosses over all ethnic and demographic lines.

One of today's endorsements came from Antonie Solomon, the Mayor of Craiova in Romania, who said in a prepared statement: "I am pleased to endorse Mr. Bloomberg. And though I have not met him or his people or been to New York, I thank his foundation for its recent contribution to the Craiova Art Museum. We wish him success and hope he visits too."

The Bloomberg campaign dismissed a suggestion that an endorsement from the mayor of a small city on Romania has no bearing on an election in New York, stating that both Mayor Bloomberg and Solomon are in charge of cities with people, buildings, transportation and schools. As for Emerson and Harpring, the spokesman stated that "only a cynic couldn't see the connection between a small forward from Utah, or a tennis great from Australia, and Mayor Bloomberg's vision for New York.

[This story is satire, and should not in any way be taken as fact]
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