August 1, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg Says NO to a Fourth Term, Maybe to a Fifth, No to a Sixth

In a press conference earlier this week, and on his radio address earlier today, Mayor Bloomberg emphatically stated he would not seek a fourth term in office. However, when pressed on a fifth or sixth term, the Mayor surprised even his closest aides when he left himself some room to maneuver.

"By the time a potential run for a fifth term came around, I'd be 75," the Mayor said when asked about his plans beyond his presumed third term, "And I imagine I would be a little bored with my retirement and philanthropic endeavors, so it could be nice pick-me up for my later years."

The Mayor was noncommittal on a six term, but became testy when asked about his plans beyond that. "I will not run for a seventh term. It will not happen," he barked when pressed on the issue, "Can I make it any clearer for you?"

[This story is satire, and should not in any way be taken as fact]

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