August 21, 2009

Bloomberg Expands One-Way Tickets for Homeless Program to Include Big Pharma Execs

Mayor Bloomberg, fresh off suggesting that the government be less aggressive in going after the big pharmaceutical companies and their executives because they "don't make a lot of money," has decided to take his point even further. It has just been announced that the program that gives one-way tickets to homeless families so they can start over elsewhere will now be offered to pharmaceutical executives as well. Despite multi-million dollar salaries, many of these executives are struggling living here, and the City is also starting to feel the effect.

"After looking into it I realized that the subsidy cost for housing these underpaid executives in New York is enormous," Bloomberg noted, "Between the deals with developers and construction companies, and tax breaks and the lot, the cost to the New York is substantial. This gives these people a chance to start over elsewhere, and opens up this housing for the people who can really afford it."

According to city data, eleven pharmaceutical execs have taken advantage of the program so far, with all except one choosing Palm Beach as their destination. Watchdog groups point out that expanding the program to include these execs will actually cost the City as they expect all of these execs to return after a long weekend.

[This story is satire, and should not in any way be taken as fact]
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