July 21, 2009

Only the Richest Person in NYC Would Think $1.2M Doesn't Buy a Minor Party Endorsement

Daily News reporter Adam Lisberg got bloomberged on Monday when the Mayor, displaying his unique blend of incredulity and petulance, responded to a question about the legitimacy of the Independence Party's endorsement in light of major contributions Bloomberg made to the party. Here's the exchange:

In February, 2009, Spin Cycle reported on Bloomberg's contributions to the Independence Party, and the watergatey way the contributions were entered into a "housekeeping" account." According to filings with the NYS Board of Elections, here are the total annual contributions into that account since 2001:

2001 - $27,085
2002 - $44,975
2003 - $28,200
2004 - $27,010
2005 - $71,317
2006 - $71,771
2007 - $21,250
2008 - $220,500 (Bloomberg foreplay begins)
2009 - $1,267,450 (Bloomberg Penetration)

And Bloomberg's money had no influence on the endorsement? For $1.2M, the Independence Party would endorse a schnauzer.
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