October 11, 2009

The Mayor Has No Good Way To Answer a Term Limits Question Other Than Snapping at the Reporter or Giving a Nonsensical Answer

Mayor Bloomberg received the endorsement of Miami Mayor Manuel Diaz, and at the press conference a Daily News reporter asked Bloomberg if he was opening himself up to criticism on term limits because of new ads accusing Bill Thompson of changing his mind on several key issues.

Here is Bloomberg's reply:

"I change my mind on a lot of things, but I don't change it because it's good for my campaign or my career. I don't change it because I just want to get some personal advantage."

He's the seventh richest person in America, and he doesn't change his mind if it will help his career or give him personal advantage? My ass, he doesn't. Politically, over the last eight years, he's changed party affiliation from Democrat to Republican to Independent. Bloomberg would have us believe that those decisions had nothing to do with his career or personal advantage, and that the term limits decision was a solely altruistic decision based on the dire predicament of the New York's residents. The mayor is full of shit.

Then he dropped this beauty:

Over a long period of time people always evolve their views."

Obviously, Bloomberg evolution years are equal to dog years. Since taking office in 2002, Bloomberg had been steadfast in his support of term limits. Even in August 2008, when he was positioning himself to overturn the law he had previously
defended with a veto, he still praised term limits: “I have always thought that term limits are a good idea. I’ve said you can debate whether it should be two terms or three terms, but I’ve thought term limits are good.”

Terms limits are good except for him. Period. Oh, and the mayor is full of shit.

Here's video from the press conference:

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