October 13, 2009

Christine Quinn Says the "Laws of Our Country Are a Lie" -- Really, Christine? Laws Like the Term Limits Law?

Just a quick note to Christine Quinn on the absolute balls it takes to utter that sentence. No shit, the laws of our country are a lie, and it's because of hack politicians like you and your cronies on the city council who bent over for Mayor Bloomberg in his quest for a third term. The term limits law was just that--a law. Voted into law by the people of New York City on two occasions. And you changed that law without referendum, behind closed doors. Feel disenfranchised by the lawmakers in this country, Christine? Good, because this is exactly how you made a large chunk of New Yorkers feel when you betrayed their trust.

Bloomberg Says Christine Quinn is Not His "Lap Dog" -- He's Right. Sometimes She Stands On All Fours
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