June 28, 2009

Bloomberg Campaign Mailings are Cutting a Swath through Forests

At a time when he is trying to shore up support among environmental groups, Mayor Bloomberg is coming under fire for the devastation his campaign mailers are causing to the eco-system. With still four months until the election, the deforestation caused by Bloomberg 2009 printed materials is already being felt across the globe.

“We are justifiably concerned about the possible impact of a close election,” said Scott Kaufman, Director of the Center for Environmental Politics and Policy. “Sections of our planet could be permanently altered if this contest comes down to the wire.”

Experts are not only citing the sheer volume and frequency of the Bloomberg mailers, but also the weight of each piece. Kaufman noted that the thickness of Bloomberg’s Public School Progress Report campaign pamphlet was “somewhere between a college graduation program and a high-end wedding invitation.”

Regardless of the impact to the environment, it is clear that the mailers will continue. Despite denials from a campaign spokesperson, rumors persist that each voter may receive a life-size cutout of Bloomberg delivered to their home.

[This story is satire, and should not in any way be taken as fact]
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